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Sardinians know very well, as do their cousins on the mainland, how to prepare and enjoy good and healthy food. Unfortunately these wonderful products are hard to get by outside of this beautiful and original Mediterranean island. Sardinia produces a large variety of exclusive products such as wines (I.e. Canonau, Malvasia and Argiolas), cheeses (I.e. Pecorino Sardo, buffalo mozzarella), honey (I.e. eucalyptus and thistle) and lots of high quality olive oil. As we would like to share these delicacies with others we have decided to offer these products outside of Sardinia.

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Sardinia offers high quality olive oils, wines, cheeses and more that have been made by traditional family producers for generations. Because of our good connections with local producers we are able to offer these products, who are mostly offered in small quantities, for a very competitive price.

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