Sardinian Wine available soon!

Dear clients and food lovers, Very soon I will be able to offer you a unique while wine from Sardinia. This wine is produced locally and can only be found in this region. Have a look at the products page and make up you mind!

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Olive oil on display at Zebedeus restaurant in Den Haag

Please visit for more info.

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Ozzastru olive iol on display at Zebedeus

Our olive oil on display at Zebedeus restaurant in Den Haag

Here you can see how our olive oil is being displayed at Zebedeus restaurant in Den Haag. Not only do they use our olive oil in their kitchen, but they also offer the oportunity to their clients to take it home. Zebedeus restaurant is run by a very friendly and professional crew and I recommend [...]

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Olijfolie oogst 2010

The olive harvest is about to begin....

Is has been several years now that we are doing this: see the hot Sardinian summer slowly go by and watch the young olives mature until they are ready to be picked. Picking takes several weeks depending on manpower, tools, terrain and local climate. When the olives are in the bag (literally), they are taken [...]

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English version is being worked on!

After having spent a year and a half working in the UK I am back in Sardinia. The olive oil sales was never interupted during my stay in the UK and in fact I think there is another segment to be added to the existing Ozzastru market. But now I need to concentrate on this [...]

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