Unknown delicacies from Sardinia

From the very beginning after we moved to this remote and original island we realized Sardinia has a lot of top quality food to offer. Most produts are as good as unknown in other countries and very few people outside Sardinia really know what the island has to offer.

Olive Oil

The olive oil we buy from the Antica Compagnia Olearia Sarda comes from the region around Alghero on the nortwest coast of Sardinia. Sardinia’s old capital Alghero is a medieval fortified town founded in 1100 and had its days of glory under Catalan rule. The Catalans ruled the area from the 14th until the 18th century. Their choice for this location had everything to do with its sheltered coastal position and the microclimate favourable for the growth of olives.

Olive trees

The olive trees are of the type Bosana or Palma di Alghero and can only be found in this area. They originated from Mallorca and have adapted perfectly to the Sardinian climate. The name Palma di Alghero probably derives from the usage of its leaves at the Easter celebrations.

The strong trees which bear many fruits can produce up to 18% to 23% oil per olive. Around 1800 Antonio Gavino Fois showed his respect for fine delicacies in the production of his own exclusive first class olive oil. The following generations passed on the tradition and now, more than 200 years later, they too produce high quality tasty olive oil with the same passion as their ancestors.